As a Christian church, we exist to honour God by helping local people worship God, grow spiritually, serve others, and reach their communities and the world with the message and love of Jesus Christ.

Adult Ministries

As a church, we are becoming deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ who love hummanity passionately. This two-fold vision is the guiding mandate of our adult ministries.

Deeply Committed Followers of Jesus

Through worship services and mid-week Bible/book studies we are providing adults with opportunities to grow their faith and their knowledge of Christianity. By building community among the members of our church through a variety of activities, we are providing adults with further opportunities to grow in faith by encouraging, challenging and praying for each other.

Love Humanity Passionately

Through support and involvement with global, national and local mission and ministry outside our own walls, we are encouraging a compassionate perspective of humanity. We take seriously our responsibility as citizens of the human race to speak for justice, equality, and basic human rights. Our members are actively involved in their jobs, the community, and their neighbourhoods to relieve suffering and help provide for the needs of those they meet as they journey through life.