As a Christian church, we exist to honour God by helping local people worship God, grow spiritually, serve others, and reach their communities and the world with the message and love of Jesus Christ.

Archived Sermons

The following sermons are available for download. Some were recorded during worship services and are available as audio MP3 files. You can listen to those on-line or download them for later listening. Starting in 2017, sermon manuscripts are also being made available in PDF format, if you prefer to read them. During the COVID-19 pandemic worship videos were made available on YouTube. You can find those linked here, too.

Availability of recordings, manuscripts, and videos varies from one worship service to the next. We try our best to make sure each sermon is available in all formats, but please understand that it is not always possible for a variety of reasons. Sermons are normally posted on-line the day after each worship service.

MP3 before a title indicates an MP3 audio recording is available.
PDF before a title indicates a PDF manuscript is available.
YouTube before a title indicates a video is available on YouTube.
* after a title indicates a guest speaker delivered all or part of the sermon

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MP3 YouTube May 15 Is God Fair?

MP3 PDF YouTube May 8 Chosen to Love

MP3 PDF YouTube May 1 Where Did This Guy Come From?

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 24 Job's Last Words

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 17 I Want This Last Enemy Gone *

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 15 Why Have You Forsaken Me? *

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 10 The Cross is Coming

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 3 Nostalgic for the Past

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 27 Why Me?

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 20 Wisdom Before Religion

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 13 Oh That!

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 6 Does Punishment Fit the Crime?

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 27 On a Highway to …?

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 20 Is There Meaning in Pain?

MP3 YouTube Feb 13 Meet Zophar

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 6 Meet Bildad

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 30 Meet Eliphaz

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 23 With Friends Like This…

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 16 The Test

MP3 YouTube Jan 9 Be Not Afraid *

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 2 Considering Job


MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 26 Why Have You Done This?

MP3 YouTube Dec 24 Just Another Face in the Crowd

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 19 God's Visitation

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 12 Jumping for Joy

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 5 Make Way!

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 28 Visit to Rome

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 21 Visit to Troas

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 14 Visit to Ephesus

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 7 Visit to Corinth

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 31 Visit to Athens

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 24 Visit to Thessalonica

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 17 Visit to Philippi

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 10 Visit to Lystra

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 3 Visit to Antioch of Pisidia

MP3 PDF Sep 26 Visit to Antioch of Syria

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 19 Visit to Damascus

PDF Sep 12 Visit to Jerusalem

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 5 Reconnecting

MP3 YouTube Aug 22 (more info …) *

MP3 PDF YouTube Jul 18 I Want a Slice

MP3 PDF YouTube Jul 11 Regrettable Decision

MP3 PDF YouTube Jun 20 Helping Sprouts Grow

MP3 PDF YouTube Jun 13 We All Need a Place

MP3 PDF YouTube Jun 6 We All Need VIPs

MP3 PDF YouTube May 30 We All Need a Rhoda

MP3 PDF YouTube May 23 We All Need a Zacchaeus

MP3 PDF YouTube May 16 We All Need a Barnabas

MP3 PDF YouTube May 9 We All Need a Deborah

MP3 PDF YouTube May 2 We All Need a Timothy

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 25 We All Need a Jethro

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 18 We All Need A Jonathan

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 11 We All Need a Nathan

MP3 PDF YouTube Apr 4 It All Comes Down to This

MP3 YouTube Apr 2 Hope Amid the Ruins

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 28 Who's the Fool Now?

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 21 Finishing the Race

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 14 Taking Risks

MP3 PDF YouTube Mar 7 Murphy's Law

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 28 The Great Equalizer

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 21 It's Just Not Fair

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 14 How Cheerful!

MP3 PDF YouTube Feb 7 What is My Destiny?

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 31 What Good Are Riches?

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 24 Measuring Life by Fairness

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 17 Anybody Got the Time?

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 10 Misery Loves Company

MP3 PDF YouTube Jan 3 A Book About Nothing


MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 27 Was Jesus a Bad Boy?

MP3 YouTube Dec 24 What's On Your Table?

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 20 Christmas for Those Past Their Prime

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 13 Christmas for Difficult Children

MP3 PDF YouTube Dec 6 Christmas for Difficult Marriages

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 29 Christmas for Disappointed People

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 22 My King Is...

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 15 Being of the Light

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 8 Being Recognized

MP3 PDF YouTube Nov 1 Encouraging Words and Deeds

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 25 Who Are You Going to Trust?

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 18 Following an Example

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 11 Giving Thanks in all Things; Really!

MP3 PDF YouTube Oct 4 Treasuring Rubbish

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 27 Attitude Adjustment

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 20 Why Am I Here?

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 13 I've Heard It From a Friend of a Friend

MP3 PDF YouTube Sep 6 Time to Pay the Piper

MP3 PDF YouTube Aug 30 Lord, If It's Really You

MP3 PDF YouTube Aug 23 What Shall We Do In The Face of COVID-19?

MP3 PDF YouTube Aug 9 Who is in Control During this Pandemic?

MP3 YouTube Jun 7 (more info …) *

MP3 May 24 The Parable of the Sower *

MP3 YouTube Apr 26 Heroes *

MP3 YouTube Apr 12 Raised From the Dead *

MP3 Mar 15 Mission March: Jesus the Saviour *

MP3 Mar 8 Mission March: Jesus the Redeemer *

MP3 Mar 1 “Multiply” Missions *

MP3 Feb 23 (more info …) *

MP3 Feb 9 Put it in Writing *

MP3 Feb 2 The Christian Life Experience: Ready to Suffer *

MP3 Jan 26 The Christian Life Experience: Tough Text *

MP3 Jan 19 The Christian Life Experience: Living Stones

MP3 PDF Jan 12 The Christian Life Experience: Watch Your Step

MP3 PDF Jan 5 The Christian Life Experience: Refining Fire


MP3 PDF Dec 29 He Understands

PDF Dec 24 God's Christmas Gifts: The Greatest Gift of All

MP3 PDF Dec 22 God's Christmas Gifts: Year of the Lord's Favour

MP3 PDF Dec 15 God's Christmas Gifts: Sight for the Blind

MP3 PDF Dec 8 God's Christmas Gifts: Release for the Captives

PDF Dec 1 God's Christmas Gifts: Good News to the Poor

MP3 Nov 24 Holding it All Together

MP3 PDF Nov 17 What's Your Sign?

MP3 PDF Nov 10 They Are Sad, You See

MP3 PDF Nov 3 Who is Really Short-Sighted

MP3 PDF Oct 27 Being a Better Person

MP3 PDF Oct 20 Strengthening Our Resolve

MP3 PDF Oct 13 Putting Gratitude First

MP3 PDF Oct 6 Patting Yourself on the Back

MP3 PDF Sep 29 Are You Listening?

PDF Sep 22 Giving an Accounting

MP3 PDF Sep 15 What Does it Mean to be Lost?

MP3 PDF Sep 8 Are You Sure You Want to Join?

MP3 Sep 1 (more info …) *

PDF Aug 18 Rough Stuff

PDF Jul 28 God's Open-Door Policy

PDF Jul 21 Better Part

MP3 Jul 14 I Have a Neighbour? *

MP3 Jul 7 With Joy in Our Hearts *

MP3 PDF Jun 30 Facing the Inevitable

MP3 PDF Jun 16 Father Can Know Best!

MP3 PDF Jun 9 Cutting Through the Babel

MP3 PDF Jun 2 My Chains Fell Off

MP3 May 26 Out of the Store House *

MP3 PDF May 12 Is Mothering Learned?

MP3 PDF May 5 Change of Heart

MP3 PDF Apr 28 Enduring *

MP3 PDF Apr 21 Where Is Jesus?

MP3 PDF Apr 19 We Hold These Truths Together

MP3 PDF Apr 14 The Stones Do Not Lie

MP3 PDF Apr 7 Something Rotten in Bethany

MP3 Mar 31 Where Are You Residing?

MP3 PDF Mar 24 Sharpening the Axe

PDF Mar 17 Foxes in the Henhouse

MP3 PDF Mar 10 God's Invitation to Party

MP3 PDF Mar 3 Should Have Stayed on the Mountain

MP3 PDF Feb 24 Can't We Skip This Part?

MP3 PDF Feb 17 What Is He Talking About?

MP3 Feb 10 Don't Rock the Boat!

MP3 PDF Feb 3 A Prophet Without Honour

PDF Jan 27 Setting the Stage

MP3 PDF Jan 20 Marital Bliss

MP3 PDF Jan 13 Not For Sale

MP3 Jan 6 'Tis Mystery All