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Church Re-Opening – Making a Plan

The beginning of June brought good news for our church. After six months of medical leave, Rev. Darrell Maguire was approved by his medical team to return to work on a part-time basis starting June 22nd. (See next article for details.) The Board of Deacons is advising Darrell on the priorities and tasks for his limited hours. He will need to start off slowly. His health will be re-evaluated after each increase in work hours. Please pray for continued healing for Darrell.

Mid-June the government announced that churches could re-open at a limited capacity. The Boards of Deacons and Managers are currently working on a plan to implement the necessary measures to allow First Baptist to resume worship services.

A sub-committee has been struck to consider all aspects of church re-opening. There are many factors to consider and creative solutions are being offered. Safety, physical distancing, congregational needs, collecting the offering, use of washrooms, and more need to be addressed. The committee will bring their recommendations to the Boards of Deacons and Managers i early July.

The committee members are: Jim Carroll, Wendy Squires, John Wallace, Jay Hoover, Pam Almon, Wray Knox, with Darrell Maguire (ex-officio).

Continue to view the church website and Facebook page for updates. For now, on-line worship videos will continue to be posted on the church YouTube channel.

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