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First Baptist Church

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Bible Study — “Talk Back”

Date:January 10, 2018
Ages:Adults (18 and up)
What:Explore more deeply last Sunday's sermon and Bible passages with Rev. Maguire.

Discussion Starters

  1. When John the Baptist began his ministry, it caused a great deal of excitement. Why was that? What did John think of this attention?
  2. Why did John dress so oddly and eat odd foods and speak so bluntly? Was he a prophet of God?
  3. What was to happen when Jesus came? Did it happen?
  4. When John was arrested the people were left with a decision: what am I to do now? What did they do?
  5. How do we sift out novelty and get to the substance of faith? Do we know what is substance and what is novelty?
  6. What fuels your interest in the Christian faith? How is it sustained?
  7. How can we be sure we are ready to meet God when we gather to worship or come to Bible study?
  8. In general, what sorts of things do people think are most important in a religious life? Should they be important?
  9. If we were to meet someone like John the Baptist today what would we think? Could we get past the eccentricities (camel hair and locust, etc.) to the truth?
  10. What does it actually mean to be a true follower of Jesus?

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