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First Baptist Church

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(June 17th to September 2nd, 2018)

Bible Study — “Talk Back”

Date:January 24, 2018
Ages:Adults (18 and up)
What:Explore more deeply last Sunday's sermon and Bible passages with Rev. Maguire.

Discussion Starters

  1. Why did Jesus intentionally seek out the Galilean fishermen as his disciples and not people from the religious or educated classes?
  2. What actually qualifies someone to be a disciple of Jesus? What disqualifies a person?
  3. What kind of life was it to be a fisherman in Peter's day?
  4. Why did the four men so quickly, and readily, leave everything and get up and follow Jesus? How do you think their families reacted?
  5. As “fishers of men” what were the disciples' responsibilities?
  6. How all-consuming is this call to be fishers of people? What does it cost us?
  7. Have we watered down the call of Jesus to make it more palatable, or acceptable to others and ourselves? If we have, how have we watered it down?
  8. What has faith cost you over the years? Was it worth it?
  9. How does your personal world view (how you see things and value things) mesh with Jesus' world view?
  10. What will it take for us to fully and unreservedly follow Jesus?

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