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Money Talk

By Jay Hoover

This is the area of the roof that will be repaired

Roof Repairs: We have a roof leak on the north side where the education wing attaches to the church building. We also have a number of roof slate missing. Courtney Roofing of London has come and estimated the repairs for both the missing slate and replacing the valley on the north side where the two buildings come together at $11,630. Courtney Roofing has been given the contract to do the work. The cost is a capital cost.

Some Good News: The washrooms were not exhausted. We had to call in an electrician to find if we had an exhaust system and how it worked. After over an hour searching we found that the exhaust system was on the roof but we had to search to find the switch. Lo and behold we finally found the switch in the corner of the junior church room upstairs! All is working now and we have place a sign on the switch to “leave on”. So now we have washroom ventilation. How many years has it been?

First Serving: We have been working with First Serving to secure an upright freezer. We have done so. We will also be securing a sliding double-door cooler to replace the two fridges. This cooler will allow the adjusting of shelving for food when the need arises.

Craft Room: We have purchased four shelving units, now installed, for the craft room to bring together storage of materials used for dinners, as well as some of the Christmas decorations.

Patrick Forde repaints the window trim

Outside Work: Take a look around!

Thank you for your continued financial support over the summer.

Eva Dixon cleans out the window wells

Patrick Forde does some roof maintenance

Jay Hoover checks the cool­ing/heat­ing system on the roof
Photos by Eva Dixon

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