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(June 17th to September 2nd, 2018)

Panorama Dinner 2017

Laura Maguire, Martin Williams, Julie Forde and some great pies!

In the 1990s our church hosted several roast beef dinners for many years. Bus loads of tourists arrived to see the Panorama lights in Simcoe's Wellington Park, had a home-made roast beef dinner at the church, and sometimes stayed for a show at Simcoe Little Theater. Many people volunteered to make the dinners happen, and a lot of money was raised for the church.

This year a dinner was arranged similar to the past. This Panorama dinner was for a group of 53 Canadian Caribbean seniors from Toronto. They came to enjoy a roast beef dinner cooked and served by Julie Forde and her helpers. John Wallace arranged the decorations and Jim Carroll led the pie-making and bun-baking. The dinner raised $832.70 for the church.

Decorated and ready for guests!

The guests asked to see the sanctuary and sing some carols.

One of the guests with Jim Carroll.

John Wallace and Patrick Forde.

Patrick Forde, Tiffany Forde, Cindy Rapley, and John Wallace help prepare food.

Cindy Rapley, Jim Carroll, and Julie Forde at bun-making.

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