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Board of Managers Update

By Jay Hoover

The summer months are going to be a very busy time for the Managers. Several major projects are to be done over the summer months.

The church and tower slate roofs and the smaller roof over the north stairwell will be replaced with a metal coated roofing. The estimated cost is $210,000. This work is to be completed by the end of the first week of August. There will be safe access to the church facilities. Please be aware of any possible safety hazards when entering or exiting the church property.

Once the church and tower roofs are completed and the new skylight is installed over the north stairwell, work will have to be done to repair the ceiling around the skylight and the water damage. There is no estimated cost at this time for this repair. Once the repairs are done in this area then the north stairwell will be painted. Estimated cost is $7,000.

We have obtained estimates to replace the gym flat roof due to water leaks. The Managers have approved the estimate of $37,742 with the Haines Group to do the work. It is expected that the work to replace the gym roof will be done the week following our Vacation Bible School (August 12th to 16th) program.


The temperature control for the two-door cooler in the kitchen has been replaced. A new five gallon water/juice container was purchased.

The photo copier room has been painted, new shelving and flooring installed.

Summer Finances

During the summer months, many of us travel here and there and are not able to attend our church services. Summer months put a major strain on the church's finances as we still have to pay the bills. Many have signed up for the PAR program (Pre-Authorized Remittance). This has assisted the church greatly. Whether you participate in this program or not, we do ask that you continue to financially support the church over the summer. This can be done with post-dated cheques. You can drop them off at the church office or see Jay Hoover, Envelope Steward. Your support in this area will be greatly appreciated.

Year to date, for 2019 we have a loss of -$7,219.41. For 2018 it was a loss of -$6,903.72.

We are looking for board members

Are you interested in serving on the Board of Managers?

Unfortunately we have had two individuals step down from the Board this year. This leaves the Board with four elected members plus the treasurer and envelope steward. We need individuals who like a little challenge and are willing to share their experience and ideas with the ongoing work of the managers. If you would like to learn more about being a member of the board, please talk to any board member or a member of the nominating committee. We really need more board members.

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