As a Christian church, we exist to honour God by helping local people worship God, grow spiritually, serve others, and reach their communities and the world with the message and love of Jesus Christ.

May 2019 Financial Report

May Income:$16,181.30YTD Income:$84,576.85
May Expenses:$17,200.82YTD Expenses:$91,796.26
May Net:-1,019.52$YTD Net:-$7,219.41

Also: $25,000 was received from trust funds and used to pay the deposit for the new metal roof. $9,151.87 was received from trust funds and used to pay for painting.

Contents for July, 2019

VBS Day Camp … Children Needed
From Darrell's Desk
Shared Summer Worship
CWOP Worship Services
Board of Managers Update
Family Camping
May 2019 Financial Report
Automatic Debit
Adults Needed for Nursery During Worship Services
Godly Play
Lessons in Greek
Youth Group Canoe Trip
Highlights of CBOQ Assembly
We Believe In Simcoe Day (WBIS) 2019
Historical Celebrations
Youthful Geraniums
To the Glory of God and Service of Humanity
Choir Barbecue
Opportunities for Everyone
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