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We Believe In Simcoe Day (WBIS) 2019

Dear Pastors, Councils, and Congregations of our Local Churches:

When Jesus asks us to “love God with all that we are and have” and “love our neighbours” here where we live, We Believe In Simcoe is one of the ways we at Church Out Serving do both at the same time! And the beautiful memories of our 10th annual event linger….

The Activity Fair at the Aud, including the Guest Luncheon up at the Rec Centre on Saturday, May 11th was attended by 524 guests (357 adults and 167 kids). These special folks were served by 241 volunteers (221 adults and 20 kids) while they enjoyed 41 caring, helpful, and fun activities designed especially for them. Residents at two retirement homes were visited, and our downtown cleanup crew filled many bags with litter. Sadly enough, this year's Fireworks Celebration at Calvary Church was cancelled due to wind and rain.

Fifty-two businesses, groups, and individuals gave food, prizes, and supplies; and forty-two local agencies, clubs, and programs helped with promotion, services, and products. This community blessing festival is one of a kind – and it happens because our community comes together to love.

We are writing to express our warmest thanks to you, the 25 local churches who:

We are so grateful for your involvement, whether large or small, new or long-time. Joining hearts and hands together in this way displays what we believe, and who we believe in. And it's making a difference in those who receive, those who participate, and those who watch. God's love is personal, kind, and extravagant. What a privilege it is for us to convey this. And events like WBIS redefine our neighbours' perspectives on faith, church, and God Himself.

A picture video of WBIS 2019 has been uploaded to YouTube, and we invite you to watch it and share it, perhaps even show it to your congregation. (It's 5:16 minutes long.) It's our way of thanking God for this opportunity, and for all those who made it happen by His provision, and that includes you. Here's the link:

Have a blessed summer,
Virginia and Adele

Tables filled with boxes of food to give away More donated goods A group of guests being greeted

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We Believe In Simcoe Day (WBIS) 2019
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